Savannah Stern Big Tits Boss

Savannah Stern is a  Corporate Fluffer For The Big Tit Boss

Savannah Stern is one big titted boss who demands respect in her office and the only way to move up is to show her that you will give what it takes to give her a little head. In the next set of pics, you will see Savannah interviewing Rachel Roxx for the right job, lets hope that this chick has what it takes.

Savannah Stern with Rachel Roxxx

Now thats a whole lotta titty hanging out, and trust me we are absolutely not complaining, would be better if there were less clothes and a lot more action but maybe once Savannah starts Rachel’s review she will get more of the pink clit versus a pink slip.

Looks like Rachel knows how to perform her job well, clothes on the ground and Savannah’s ass in the air, showing all of us her address, WE like it! From the looks of this pic, Rachel likes salad for lunch cause she is face deep in her purely pink ass, and like you wouldn’t do the same, cmon dude…you know you would trade places with Rachel any day.

Savannah Stern Innocent High

Savannah Stern And Ashley Marie In Innocent High!

Aww, Rachel and Ashley are good girls and are studying for their exams together. These two bosom buddies really take their education seriously at Innocent High. One of the finals they are cramming for their chemistry exams. Looks like maybe the professor got the cirriculum wrong and really wanted the girls to study anatomy.

With Rachel dropping Ashleys drawers, she is showing the teacher that these girls give new meaning to chemistry, at least with each other. And with a rear end like that who wouldn’t be surprised if the teacher used his pointer to give directives on how physics worked.

The girls explained to the teacher that they learn best by showing exactly what they have learned in class, and with a kiss on the lips and a lil bit of girl on girl action these girl made their teacher sit back and take a hold of his own package and watch what these girl learned all semester long. From the looks of it, they will earn straight A’s.

Savannah Stern Flexible Positions

Huge Exhausted And Dripping Wet Tits From Too Many Flexible Positions!

I know that some of our fans have a hot thing for a girl wearing athletic wear, one of our fans has special requested finding his dream girl working out wearing a sports bra, guess that is his fetish. Savannah looks pretty cute on the stair stepper getting her sweat on.

However, we like to promote calories burned with a different kind of bedroom cardio, besides having intercourse burns way more calories. This could be a new way to do some core strength training, her pussy pushup..what you think? Wouldn’t you like to be the trainer working her from underneath?

Looks like if you were the one who was training this girl you did a good job cause you are dripping your man juice. Savannah is a cute girl, who wouldn’t want to make this girl sore from a hard workout.

Savannah Stern 18 Years Old

Savannah Stern Provides Some Poolside Pussy!

We all know that Savannah might be fun of personality and is fun at heart but she also has a young goofy side to her, one of the characteristics that make this girl so sexy. And she is always game for a dare, even if it means showing what her momma gave her.

In a little game of truth or dare, she always would rather take the dare. We double doggie dare you to penguin the camera and show what the good lord gave you. Oh thank you Miss Stern cause that looks like something you can eat off of, yum yum make me wanna cum….all over you.

How can you be disappointed in any girl who wants to sit on your hard cock backwards and from the look on her face, she is enjoying you being deep inside of her. Glad you have your hands on her ass to copilot her moves, cause in a minute you will be getting off to this hot little box.

Savannah Stern Freaks of Cock

Cutie Gets Stretched By Huge Cock!

Wearing hot little pink panties and black knee high boots, Savannah looks hot as ever with a tit in her hand. This pic for some reason is reminding me of JWOWW from Jersey Shore. Either way, she is one naughty girl who would make any dude drool. Wonder what kind of hot mess she can get herself into tonight.

I am guessing from the looks of the kielbasa in her hands that his king kong sized cock is rather not real or if it is she might just be swallowing it and feeling it in her knees, and not because she is on them. That is one cock that has to hurt. I bet the look on her face means that she is up for the challenge and a bit nervous, happy gagging there lady!

Dear God, this dude’s dong is so big she cant even fit his head in her mouth, i have to guess that that cock is really not real or he must bang on some girl with some deep vaginas cause I bet that has to hurt like a mofo!

Savannah Stern Hustler

See Savannah Do The Hustle For Hustler!


Savannah Stern ManoJob

Savannah Stern Handjob Video!

Check out lil Miss Stern giving her fans a little peep show…we want more! we want more! I have to admit that she was a pretty damn cute girl but her getting a boob job only makes this sex kitten a whole lot hotter.

All naked and in the buff with a hand full of your cock, this is how Savannah shows some love to her ever so loyal fans, showing off her tight lil pussy patch and nutted up aganist her lover this is the picture we need to engrave in our heads when you need to unload, perfect spank bank material.

Especially when you get off and cover this girl with your baby batter, you have to admit that she looks pretty fucking even with cum all over her. This chick is for sure going into our lil banged black books for another run. If you want another busty porn star who is a little older check out Lisa Sparxxx.

Savannah Stern Bio

  • Birthday: May 02, 1986
  • Birth Location: Modesto
  • Measurements: 34D-26-34
  • Height: 168 cm – 5 feet and 6 inches
  • Weight: 55 kg – 121 lbs
  • Status: Retired
  • Website: No Official Site

Savannah Stern Wives in Pantyhose

Savannah Stern in Lube Job In Pantyhose!

Although we aren’t sure if Savannah Stern is married, she looks pretty hot wearing a black garter and matching thigh highs, and what would have been hot is if you had taken this girl to dinner and she wore this and no panties under the dress…then gets home and drops the dress so now you have that mental note that while you were eating your meat, her meat was there for the taking all along. Spreading her legs with one in the air she sure looks pretty inviting. I have to admit though what would really set me in the mood is if she would be double clicking that hot little mouse of hers. Although lingerie is a nice gift to unwrap, chances are if this girl was mine to claim it would be on the floor next to my underwear, I dont like restrictions and if I want my girl, I want all of her…so take those damn things off Savannah, hah!

Savannah Stern 40 Inch Plus

Savannah Stern in Tushy Tango In 40 Inch Plus!

I am a big fan of girls who like to work out and I have to admit this is my favorite set of pics I have seen of Savannah Stern, maybe she retired from the porn world and became competitive cause she looks great in this pics. I love how the Reality Kings guys call this scene the tushy tango, pretty clever but this pic for sure shows some time well spent in the gym, and an ass like that is from her squatting rather with a smith machine of over Mr. Smith’s cock.

Looks like she wanted to do a little strip tease to get this party going, and trust me that is the last thing we are going to complain about. Now, if we can only get her naked that will be make today a good day.

And thank you very much Savannah, you just hit my jack pot. how many of us are just wishing right now to back up behind that ass and hear you call our name. I am sorry you retired cause you could have had it all sucking and fucking your way across the porn scene, and we will continue to salute you even if not all of us are hung like some of giant cocks you have swallowed.